GeneXplain GmbH (GENEXPLAIN)


GeneXplain GmbH
Am Exer 10b
D-38302 Wolfenbuettel

Lead Investigator

Edgar Wingender

Prof. Edgar Wingender


Alexander Kel

Dr. Alexander Kel



Philip Stegmaier

Scientific project coordination

Dr. Olga Kel-Margoulis

Database curation, microarray data interpretation


Company Presentation

GeneXplain aims at providing a comprehensive platform for bioinformatics, cheminformatic and systems biological tools. The raison d'être of this platform is to assist translational research in the life sciences, mainly in the context of personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics. In its present state, the geneXplain platform integrates statistical, bioinformatics and systems biological modules with the access to corresponding databases. One of the most unique features of the platform is its integrated promoter and pathway analysis, which renders it one of the very few systems world-wide to do causative interpretation of transcriptomics or proteomics data rather than just phenomenologically modeling the observed effects.

Genexplain will lead WP5 together with partner 9 (LifeGlimmer). Our main tasks within the project will be to provide databases and tools for the construction of extended gene regulatory and signal transduction pathways, which will be used to mark the components of the pathways, and to visualise the diversity of the genes encoding for the components involved. Cheminformatic approaches using the PASS program will be employed to predict small molecules as a means to interfere with the pathway; this will aid in extending the NF-kB network and thus may identify new targets, which can be used for future treatments.